Friday, April 20, 2012

God's Speed Limit

Last night I was joking w/ my wife about all the things I was going to say and ask God when I finally meet him. Above all, I would love to know what's up w/ sex, how we have it, why it is the way it is, and the enigma and mystery behind it all? Men are created w/ intense, natural instincts to have sex and reproduce; women help balance it out b/c their "need" for sex isn't quite as intense. How come God couldn't have thought of another way for us to create life? He gave us guys these toys that we all learn to play w/ at such a young age and that awaken strange and pleasurable feelings. But then he tells us to not touch them, it's naughty and to only use them when we are intimate and forming a union w/ our spouses. What's up w/ that? Why make our dicks so sensitive and so immensely enjoyable to play with? Why couldn't he have made it to be more of a mundane-like task to reproduce?

My wife brought up an interesting point. She said to think about sex like driving a fast car. We can all jump in the car and go as fast as we want and put ourselves and others in danger, or we can learn to safely drive by observing the speed limit and using the brake properly. The speed limit is there for our protection. So it is w/ sex. We can masturbate and screw around and use our bodies for whatever guilty pleasure we want as much as we want whenever we want, or we can follow God's speed limit and learn self-control. We are the drivers of our own car. We are the ones that push on the gas and/or the brake. Kind of an interesting point of view.

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