Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things Could Be Worse

My wife and I sometimes enjoy watching the TV show "My Strange Addiction." As I watch and see how truly disturbed some people are in this world it makes me feel like my problems are pretty trite. Yes, I've been involved in some pretty deviant, perverted sexual behaviors, but they really still do pale in comparison w/ some of the bizarre things other people are addicted to. One lady subsists solely on wet and dry cat food, another lady bathes in bleach. One guy has a sexual relationship w/ his car and another guy compulsively pulls hair out of tub and sink drains . Some of the other strange addictions include sniffing baby powder, comsuming 100's of laxatives a day, eating plastic and glass and other objects, tanning, smelling golf balls, etc.

A part of me finds some of these strange addictions and behaviors truly disturbing and sometimes revolting, yet another part of me feels strong compassion for these people as I understand what it's like to be out of control and unable to stop certain behaviors and activities. It's so sad that some of these peoples' compulsions and addictions are so intense that they will ultimately have fatal results. Addiction sucks!

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