Saturday, March 26, 2016

4 Year Blogger Anniversary

Here I am on my 4 year blogger anniversary; still in the battle, still trudging along; still learning, growing, falling, changing, and fighting. While I still have so far to go, I really have come a long way. I am so much more aware and at peace w/ myself and my identity as a 'gay' man. My appreciation for that part of myself has grown and the despair and the disgust and resentment is slowing fading and changing into strength and acceptance and resolution.

All of the experiences I have had these past 4 years have helped mold and shape who I am today, as well as where I am at spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. I don't regret a single thing. Are there a helluva lot of mistakes I've made? Oh you betcha. But now, more than ever, I know WHO I AM, WHAT I WANT, and HOW I'M GOING TO GET THERE.

Thank you, reader, for being here along w/ me on my journey. Thank you for your advice, critique, suggestions, love, support, harshness, patience, and wisdom. Now let's buckle up and head on into another year!

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