Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Friend Requests...Never Again!

I recently had 15 outgoing friend requests to dudes who are in my same social circles. And there they sat! Day after day after day. Finally I canceled each and every one and have sworn I will not do that to myself again. I am again left to wonder what the hell is wrong with me!? Why would guy X have 25 other men as friends, (who show as mutual friends in our social circles), yet not accept mine!? Do I reek!? Am I poisonous!? Not hot enough?! Smart enough!? Gay enough!? Religious enough!? What the hell gives!? Stupid bastards.

So I say to him and the other 14 assholes who rejected me, which has become so damn commonplace lately: FUCK YOU! And that's just what you did to me...rejection. :( And I could have  been a really good friend to you.  Seriously, ouch! But I have faith that  what goes around comes around.

Lesson learned from all of this: I will NEVER AGAIN send friend requests out to people, especially guys, who I would like to connect with. Never again! I just can't handle the passive rejection. I will focus on the friends I already have in my life and to hell with all the rest of you douchebags.

To those of you reading who perhaps know me and wanted to possibly connect more personally someday with won't be receiving a request or hearing anything from me anytime soon. Sorry, but the ball's in your court. Don't expect me to be reaching out to you. However,  should you choose me as your friend, I think I would be a worthy choice. But that's all you, dude.


  1. Hey there, stranger! This is Miles. I completely relate--that's the biggest reason why I finally up and deleted my Facebook account. "Why am I even on here? Social media? There's hardly anything social about it!" I'm hoping a permanent break does my emotional health some good...

  2. Love you, buddy! Based on your picture alone, I don't get why any of these guys wouldn't want to be your friend. I have that honor and I'm so grateful for your friendship.

    Tip: Stop allowing yourself to be hurt by people you don't even know. There are too many people who DO know you and adore you. Focus on them, just as you said. ;)

  3. personally, if i don't know someone i don't accept a facebook request. i like to become a friend in the real world before i become a digital friend

  4. Well there you have it ... the antisocial-media.... maybe they're the guys who only log into fb once a year to see some party photos? Rest easy. Its NOT rejection. Dudes are often not interested in FB electronic "socializing". :)