Wednesday, January 25, 2017

SSA vs. Gay... WTH!?

In an online group I'm a member of, someone recently asked the question what's the difference between SSA and gay? Why is there so much confusion and people using both words interchangeably and yet mutual exclusively. Aren't they the same thing?

Here are my 2 ¢:

In the end I think I think it's a very convoluted topic and I don't think anyone really gets it or has the correct answer. We can all toss our opinions and thought on the matter into the pot, but in the end it'll still be messy.

I am under the impression that church leaders may consider SSA to be more of a general unwanted physical/sexual attraction to members of the same sex but it may also imply that the person is not actively having sexual relations w/ members of the same sex or experimenting on those attractions or desiring to pursue them. They simply find themselves as "same-sex attracted."
Whereas I think the term GAY connotates the individual has accepted they are 100% attracted solely to members of the same sex, they can't and won't ever change and will live their lives accordingly and will possibly pursue a sexual relationship. The notion that "I find myself attracted to members of my same sex but it's something I don't necessarily want and won't act on" vs. "yep, I'm gay; this is who I am now and forever so perhaps I need to be pro-gay in all things and consider living my life that way" has fused together in their minds. No longer are they simply just "attracted" to members of the same sex; it has now become an unwavering acceptance which may possibly result in a change of lifestyle and life goals and ideals and actively pursuing homosexual behaviors and sexual relations.

For me personal I do not identify as "gay" nor do I think that's the correct label to slap on me. But I sure as hell am same-sex attracted. But if I were to say I am solely SSA, that doesn't seem right either. Hmmmm
So, in a nutshell: SSA vs. Gay = No sexual behavior and unwanted attractions vs. acceptance and possibly sexually active w/ a change of lifestyle..

What say you?

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